Friday, December 7, 2012

Caramel Grapes

These are like a mini caramel covered apple! I found some gigantic grapes at the store and remembered seeing this on Pinterest. My kids and I made them as a snack. I bought some caramel dip and heated it a little to make it easier to coat the grapes and then we rolled them in nut topping.


Lori Ann

Those are really big grapes!
Congrats! I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! I can't get enought of your recipes :)


Thanks so much!


Hi these look great! I would love to make them for a party, but my friend is allergic to peanuts. Do you think they would be just as good with walnuts?



Sure! Or I might try toasted almonds. :)


do they taste great with red grapes as well or are green the better option?


Either one tastes great! :)


You could use crushed pretzels, or cereals. A crushed fruity or puffed rice cereal would be pretty and yummy.


My family really loved these!! They are very easy to make but it is key to use a quality caramel sauce. I chose to use pecans for the nuts. They have been requested again and will definitely be part of our dessert party this fall. Thanks for sharing such an easy, yet super tasty idea.

Kathy Bober

I have a clam bake to go to and I have to bring an appetizer. I am definitely going to make these. They look delicious!


If I make them the night before, do you think the nuts will get soggie in the frig?


A clam bake sounds fun! Hope you enjoy them!


They should be fine. I would cover them loosely with plastic wrap.

Patty Leckliter

Can't wait to try these. I love frozen grapes, so I think I'll make them then freeze them. Frozen grapes are such a sweet treat with very few calories. Thanks for the great idea:)
Merry Christmas:)

Ruby's Mom

How did they turn out ? I want to make them for Super Bowl. Thanks !


Seems to me if they are allergic to peanuts they'd be allergic to any nut. Instead try crushed pretzels, granola, etc.


Peanuts aren't actually nuts, they're legumes. One can be allergic to peanuts and not tree nuts, or tree nuts but be fine with peanuts. You can also be allergic to only one type of tree nut and not the rest. I don't mean to sound pedantic, but those can be life-threatening allergies, and it's always better to know!


Yes, and thank you anonymous for the clarification!!!


A paunut is a legume. Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew, Pecans, etc are tree nuts.
I have a treenut allergy but not a peanut allergy.


My daughter has a severe allergic reaction to tree nuts but not peanuts also. The doctor did tell us she can eat peanuts in the shell but if the peanuts out of the shell were processed in the same plant as the tree nuts then she could not eat them.