Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Hope everyone had some yummy food yesterday! I know I did! If you are looking for something to do with your leftover turkey, this is for you. 

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich
Sourdough bread
Leftover turkey (can also use turkey lunch meat)
Sliced Cheese (I used cheddar in my pic)
Leftover cranberry relish
Lettuce or spinach
Butter or margarine for grilling

Layer the turkey, cheese, and a little mayo on the bread. Spread some butter or margarine on the outside of the bread. Grill in a pan on the stove top or in a panini press. After it's golden and the cheese is melted, open it up, spread on the cranberries, and top with lettuce and tomato.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cruise Food

I've been slacking with the blog lately for a reason. We went on a cruise last week and I had been trying to lose a little weight beforehand. I haven't made anything good for the last couple of months and because of that, I was able to reach my goal. :) One of the reasons I wanted to lose weight, was so I could enjoy LOTS of food on the cruise, and we ate A LOT! :) Possibly the best thing about being on a cruise is all the food, and I DON"T HAVE TO MAKE IT! And no dishes! I took a few pictures of things, but the dining room didn't have the best lighting and they are phone pics, but I wanted to share.

 First, my awesome friend, Amber, brought me some Blue Bell. It had been over a year and a half!

 Buffets are the best!

 Chocolate Panna Cotta

 A Fancy Looking Salad

 Chilled Peach Soup (tasted like peach juice)


Baked Alaska! Had never tried this before. Yum!

 Carrot Cake

 We ventured out to a restaurant in Jamaica to get some real jerk chicken.

 Johnny Rockets Chicken Sandwich

 Ate loads of soft serve.

Saved the grossest for last. My hubby tried escargot. Said it was squishy.