Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Cooking Segment on PBS!

Something really exciting happened to me last week! I was asked to come tape a cooking segment at our local PBS station for a show called KCTS 9 Cooks! I had submitted a few recipes to be included in their semi annual cookbook that they give away when you donate during their pledge drive, and was chosen to come cook on the air. I went to the studio last Saturday, along with 10 other home cooks, and we taped the show. I was so nervous, especially during the short interview before cooking but it was such a fun experience! The recipe they asked me to make was my Spinach and Artichoke Dip. I brought all my own ingredients to the studio along with a finished product to pull out of the magical oven at the end. All of the cooks got to hang out in a room where we could prep our ingredients, watch the others on a TV as they took their turns, and try each others' dishes as we finished. Before it was my turn I received a touch up from a real make up artist!! Then I loaded all of my ingredients on a cart and we went into the studio. I had 2 minute interview with Mark Christopher and then I went over the the kitchen set and assembled my recipe with Chef Bridget Charters. I told her it was a little intimidating cooking next to a real chef! We were told to keep talking, no dead silence, and try to keep it fun. About 7 minutes later it was over. At the end Bridget said, "Don't mess with Texas." Hahaha, I'm interested to see if they cut that out. I keep replaying it in my mind to try and remember what I said, so that I can be prepared for how ridiculous I might look and sound. :) It premiers Saturday, May 16 at 12pm, and is shown again at 3pm. I'll share a link to it once they have posted it online. For now, you can see the recipe line up here. They also decided to post another one of my recipes on their website and on twitter to promote the show. It's one of my favorites! You can find it here.

After seeing the clip here's what I would do different if there ever was a next time. 1. NOT wear a bracelet! My bracelet is hanging in the artichokes while I am chopping them! 2. Not say "so" so much! 3. Try not to be sooo nervous. Haha

 Link to the cooking demo: KCTS 9 Cooks Spinach and Artichoke